How does one exhaustively scope software development, so that it can be broken down into steps?
Our culture is in a serious decline. If there is any talk to be had, it must be substantive towards effective action to abate it.
An attempt to reconcile the red tide of history with the pursuit of enlightenment through the lens of heritage.
Gatekeeping and gaslighting from All Your Favourites, at places like YC and Sequoia. It’s what’s for dinner.
How a history of modest people freezing in tents was used to launder the legitimacy of a greedy managerialist vanguard.
A look at how contrived and siloed online interaction is, and at online life outside of these containment zones.
The ‘modern’ developer’s political delimma.
Weathering the storm, to not be swept away to a golden temple in the sea.
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Alexander Nicholi
Charles Rosenbauer